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Welcome to faith dairy. This dairy is inspired from the 'Bible' The Word of God through Jesus Christ. It contains my daily readings of the Word of God and the interprations that have been made by my own experiences and readings from the Biblical documents. It is meant as a source of inspiration for those who are born in this world to be rejected. For to this world they are an extra weight an outcaste of no use. Where they speak but nobody understands. Where they cry but nobody hears. Where they work but nobody appreciates. Where people have no life only bodies and in reality are walking zombies. It is to show them how much God loves them. This page is a service to humanity, because I love people . Their cries shall be my cries. Their sorrow shall be my sorrow and I shall in no way give up. For my Lord Jesus never gave up even unto the Cross.

This page shall be used as a reference and understanding of my future articles. If you feel there should be any other interpretation. Please mail me at with your responses.

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